Complaintsboard aka

The Operators of and their related sites such as the Canadian and Online Pharmacies origin are from India. vs

It is a widespread knowledge within the consumer advocacy scam fighting community that manufactures some consumer complaints to boost traffic.


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Does anyone know about the I filed the online complaint against Allure Construction Group, Inc. about stealing my $10,799.00 and left me a consumer alert
big hole in the backyard instead of a pool and today, I received an email which asked for $700.00 to handle the case. Here’s a copy “US Consumer Help” has sent you a message on

In responce to your complaint, we will do everything possible to make sure you get a redress against Allure Construction Group Inc. The Management of Allure Construction Group Inc is currently facing a Four Count Charge of Gross Misconduct and Fraud in the Consumer Bureau. Forward us your Complaints,full name and contact details, to enable us file a complaint to that effect. Do not post your contact details on our complaint board, all usefull information,regarding your complaint should be forwarded to us on for necessary actions. Help us to serve you better! powered by the US government. We usually get refunds!
Note: Complaints fee Amounts to $700.00{Seven Hundred Dollars} which includes Cost of Presentation and Case Handling Fees.

Complaintsboard Alert –

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site’s URL (web address) is:
Description (including timeline of any changes made):

RIP OFF REPORTS and COMPLAINTS BOARD are currently attempting to extort payment from my company to remove negative reviews of my ecommerce business. Complaints Board posted a false complaint on 9-28-2010 about an invented product that I do not sell and used my unique company name along with a state location (Nevada) where my company is not located.

Google picked up my company name within hours of the posting and ranked this invented complaint #6 out of 4,180 results. Google ranks Rip Off Reports and Complaints Board pages even higher than my Google Blogspot blog. Curiously I received an email this morning 9-29-2010 from a Reactive Online Reputation Management company offering to remove this complaint. The email reads:

Good day, hope you are doing well. My name is Janette Adams and I am a Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) consultant at BrandRevitalize, a leading reputation management company.

I am writing to inform you that your online reputation may be at risk.
While i was doing my daily research concerning your niche, i noticed that your company, together with other companies, has a listing on

The above negative listing may put your brand equity and customer loyalty you’ve built at risk. Who you are online is as important as who you are offline.

Imagine how frustrating it is to build rapport with a potential client, only to lose the deal when they Google your company name—

BrandRevitalize preserves your marketing investments, customer trust and revenues by eliminating potentially fraudulent use of your brand online. Our company makes sure your online reputation is free from false malicious associations and libelous accusations. We make sure CONTROL is delivered back to you, where it belongs.

In line with this, i am hoping we can schedule a time to discuss your Reactive Online Reputation Management and the amount of time needed to eliminate your negative listings in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Are you free for a quick discussion today or tomorrow?

Kindly please let me know so we can schedule a call.
You may also visit our processes’ page for more information

Janette Adams
BrandRevitalize – Protect. Repair. Reinforce.
8 Maiden Lane, Streetsville,
ONT, Canada L5M 1W8

Accents Of Salado
Posted: 2010-09-28 by terrawest

Complaint Rating: 100 % with 2 votes
Company information:
United States

I had purchased 3 urns for $289.00… It was nothing like the actual picture… The picture looks like the the tops are bronzed like almost faxed and smooth… Just beautiful was real excited to get them in…What I got was 3 pieces of ceramic that looks as if someone took them in the back alley and spray painted them and forgot to dust them off. I had to put them on top of my kitchen cabinets up far so you could not see all the imperfections and just the poor quality…I was very disappointed… Well one day I had went to the furniture show where they sell wholesale and I actually went into a show room that sells the same exact stuff and found out that’s where they order alot of there stuff and all of it was junk… I was amazed this company stays in business. I give them an A plus on the website because everything looks so beautiful but they obviously photo shop those pictures… On top of that the whole sale price was 90 dollars and they sell it for 289.00 that is such a ripoff…

Anyways be careful what you buy because honestly the quality is very poor…


I have looked at both Rip Off Report and Complaints Board HTML code. There is no reason that the web site HTML Meta Tags and lack of supporting text would propel these two sites to the top 10 Google search results within hours or even at all. My company has received repeated emails and phone calls that have attempted to extort payment for complaint removal services.

1. Does Google give ranking preference to these extortionists?
2. Does Google have a special relationship with these complaint web sites?
3. Google has the ability to remove these web sites from their search results. Why has Google not done so?
4. Is there a Google contact email address?

All replies would be greatly appreciated as it is impossible to find Google contact information anywhere on the Google site. It is impossible to report abuse to Google if Google doesn’t provide Google contact information for these serious matters.

One thought on “Complaintsboard aka

  1. expose complaintsboard says:

    Have studied, and you are correct, they are themselves a scam site run by petty extortionists who take advantage of international borders and flaws in US legislation. Along with their knowledge of effective Google SEO, they can create their own racketeering enterprise, which is then used as an aid to other nerdowells. The site should be permanently barred from the Internet.

    Until that happens however, there are things you can do to fight back. Think about this: hides behind legislation which protects them ONLY if they are not content editors. Their terms of use state that anyone can complain about anything they want to, and that CC’s owners/operators will not interfere in any way.

    SO – lay out a little trap for them to violate the CDA. Simply go to their site and create a new complaint, of which is the target. So use their own site against them.

    To really make it effective, you should make the same complaint at several sites including plus the others (as many as you can) and then include a link to your complaint on

    When they delete the complaint then it can be legally argued that they change to an editor status, and thus a legal theory can be made that they lose their protection under the CDA. Frankly the FTC should have barred the site years ago. You and everyone you know should file similar complaints with the FTC.

    And Google should be ashamed of themselves. “do no evil”…what a crock of crap. They are just as culpible in my opinion.

    You should have as many of your friends as possible repeat the very same process. Ask them to ask their friends to do the same. Using this method you might be surprised at how quickly your links will rise to the top of google searches.

    If you can get this done, it should be effective at drawing attention to the true nature of what really is.

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