Law Enforcement Association ~

A Threat To The Global Internet Infrastructure

The website Law Enforcement Association is own by an unknown individual scamalert whose aliases is Michael King or operates several websites. This individual came under our radar when we posted an ALERT regarding Potential Predators

The website potential predator was erected primarily to EXTORT and BLACKMAIL those whose online activities engages in predatory practices. But also to EXTORT money from anyone who have had a mugshot taken.

After complaints mounted, the operator Michael King aka Wayne Michael King aka Michael Wayne King shut down potential predator and started That too got shut down. Next he then started It appears like is offline.

Our investigation of this individual turn out that this Michael King aka Mike King is the operator of
According to the site, was The World’s Number One Consumer Protection Site. It is now The World’s Number One Consumer Complaintboard Site. A Camouflage for EXTORTION and BLACKMAIL

Michael Wayne King aka Wayne Michael King is a Mugshot OPERATOR that harvests public record databases and post mugshots of DEADBEAT Dads and others and try to EXTORT money from these folks. His websites are full of tirade against people including his boss and co-workers. WHAT A SLIME.

This Michael King is also associated with Elite Consulting Services USA, LLC., Elite Florida Catering, Omega Enterprises USA, LLC. and also goes by Wayne Michael King which is his LEGAL NAME or that of a relative. We have also learned that there is a Michael A. King associated with Jennifer A. King of Florida

Who is Adam H. Putnam

Adam H. Putnam is the commissioner of the agency Florida Department of Agriculture in Tallahassee, Florida. As a former employee of Adam H. Putnam, I can tell you first hand what he is like. Adam H. Putnam is not an honest person. He was provided information that some of his employees were acting inappropriately and in some cases acting in violation of the law.


22 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Association ~

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Jennifer A. King ~ Managing Member at Elite Consulting Services USA, LLC – View 2 other companies ~ Miami, FL
    Elite Consulting Services USA, LLC and
    Michael W. King ~ Manager at Elite Consulting Services USA, LLC
    Michael W. King
    Vice President at Elite Florida Catering, Inc
    President at Michael King Enterprises Inc.
    President at Omega Enterprises USA Inc.

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    Michael A King 43 Miami, FL
    Raleigh, NC
    West Lafayette, IN
    North Judson, IN Inez M King
    Jennifer Adriana King
    Kristie L King
    Nicole Bro King
    Wayne M King

    5200 Summit Manor Ln, Apt 107
    Raleigh, NC 27613
    Carlos Pedraza
    Angela Pedraza
    Jose Pedraza
    Leonardo Pedraza
    Michael King

  3. SFA Reporter says:

    Gleam Auto Body Tech Inc
    P.O. Box 770482
    Miami, FL 33177

    Follow us on Instagram! Over 7,000 A.V.I. followers
    Instagram: A.V.I.

    PO Box 770482
    Miami, Fl 33177

    Shirts Direct USA
    Address: PO Box 770482,
    Miami, FL 33177
    Tel: 1-888-494-6430

    Advertising Marketing Experts
    Address: PO Box 770482
    Miami, FL 33177
    Tel: (888) 343 6830
    Fax: 786 221 0604

    Gleam Auto Body Tech Inc
    17872 S Dixie Hwy
    Miami, Florida 33157

    Today 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Phone (305) 776-1175

    331 Nw 45th Ave
    Miami, FL 33126-5347
    (786) 286-2441
    Juan Lahera
    Yamile Lahera
    Martha Lahera
    Yosvany Lahera
    Rommy Lahera

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