Scambook Attempted To Extort Money From Me

Our investigation so far indicates that this is a
Clandestine operation ~ A Formidable Presence Online

These Guys Are Pro

Scambook attempted to extort money from me to remove a fictitious complaint against me.

I’ve filed numerous complaints against them to: California Department of Consumer Affairs, California Department of Justice, California Secretary of State Office, Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau.
You can read the full story via my scam report page:

My name is Louis Marshall, I run a web development business in Melbourne, Australia called Bravo Web. On the 17/Jan/2013 I was contacted by Ryan Fitzgerald from Scambook regarding a complaint listed on their website against me.

The short version is like this:

• First they asked me to pay to ‘investigate’ the complaint against me (by becoming a member of their site). When I said I wouldn’t give them my credit card details, they revealed that the claim could still be disputed via their contact page on their website.

• I supplied them with lots of supporting evidence showing the claim against me was false (see the ‘Supporting Evidence & Documentation’ section below).

• A few weeks past and they contacted me again saying the evidence I supplied wasn’t sufficient. I told them it was now time for them to contact the person making a claim against me and ask them to provide evidence. In their wacky world-view, they think it’s the accused’s burden to provide proof of innocence. At this point I had enough, I knew the company was bogus. They also implied again that I sign up for a paid account in order to contact the accuser.

What people need to understand about Scambook is that they are a business, not an impartial mediator like they claim. Like any other business, their remit is to make money, and they do this primarily by getting businesses to pay to have negative comments against them removed via their fake ‘dispute resolution process’.

The complaint against me was made-up by an individual who had been harassing me in June/2012 (more on this in a moment). However, from research and recent events I believe it’s quite possible that Scambook also fabricates complaints to extort money from businesses.

5900 Wilshire Blvd., 21th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(310) 807-4018
(310) 388-4865
(877) 966-2278

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